How to Operate the Electric Ring Cutter

  1. Place the finger guard under the ring to protect the patient's finger.
  2. We have modified  the Black & Decker Driver Unit to allow it to move FORWARD only.  Do not use another power screwdriver unless the reverse mode has been disabled.
  3. To commence cutting, power the cutting blade so that it is rotating before it makes contact with the ring.
  4. To make contact between the rotating blade and the ring, use ONLY GENTLE PRESSURE, and let the blade do the cutting.  You will know that you are continuing to use "gentle pressure"  if the blade is always rotating speedily while it is in contact with the ring.  Let the resulting inertia of motion cut the ring.  DO NOT THINK OF THE RING CUTTER AS A PLIER TO BE SQUEEZED.
  5. It is often the case that you can remove the ring after a single cut because the cut releases a tension in the ring, and the ring spreads apart on its own.  If the ring cannot be removed in this way, make a second cut on the opposite side of the ring.
  6. Lift the ring off the patient's finger.
  7. Wear protective eyewear and prevent particles from entering the nose and mouth with a mask.


Item No. Description Price
 48.0610 Cordless Electric Ring Cutter
Includes Ring Cutting Pliers, Ring Saw Blade, and Black & Decker Alkaline Power Driver
48.0611 2 Replacement Blades $62.40
48.0610/3 Replacement S-Guide $24.94
VPG-PR-105 Practice Finger Rings (5-pack) $6.00