Hastings Triplet Loupe by Bausch & Lomb

Three separate lenses are bonded together to form a compound Hastings Triplet Loupe lens which virtually eliminates distortion at the outer edges of the magnifier.  The compound lens is housed in a black plastic frame which is designed not to reflect light onto the object being viewed.  The case is nickel plated and serves both as a handle and as a dust protector.  This is the quintessential jewelers loupe.

SKU Magnifies Diameter Price Quantity
81-61-71 10X @ 1 inch 15.8 mm lens $38.70
81-61-68 7X @ 1.5 inches 19.8 mm lens $37.00
81-61-75 14X @ .75 inches 12.5 mm lens $45.68
81-61-81 20X @ .5 inches 8.25 mm lens $45.68

Hastings Triplet Loupe Magnifier by Bausch & Lomb features a compound lens engineered to magnify images with accurate color, in sharp focus over the entire field of view.

The Bausch & Lomb 10X Hastings Triplet Loupe is the magnifier of choice for grading diamonds and other gems.  The reasons is because it is highly color corrected to eliminate color fringes above/below or to the left/right of a high contrast object, like a gemstone.  In the jewelry trade, it is accepted that a diamond is considered flawless if imperfections cannot be seen at 10X magnification with a triplet loupe.

We sell this magnifier in 7X, 10X, 14X and 20X.  As the magnification increases, the diameter of the lens decreases.  Unless you have already used one, and you know that you must have 14X or 20X magnification, we strongly suggest that you select the 10X Triplet Loupe (pictured above).  The tiny lens diameter of the 20X and 14X models is often found to make viewing difficult.

The Bausch & Lomb Hastings Triplet Loupe has the finest optics for the price.