Optical Measuring Scales and Reticles by Bausch & Lomb

Optical Measuring scales and Reticles for Bausch & Lomb Lenscope and Measuring Magnifier provide measurement in metric or inches. 

Bausch & Lomb General Purpose Optical Measuring Scale



Bausch & Lomb Inch Optical Measuring Scale


Measures 0.005" intervals over a 0.750" range


Bausch & Lomb Metric Optical Measuring Scale


Measures 0.1mm increments over a 20mm range


Bausch & Lomb Protractor Scale


Measures angles at one degree intervals over a 360 degree range.  Five degree intervals are indicated by a long line and 15 degree intervals are indicated by lines extending almost to the center of the scale.  Every tenth degree is numbered.


The Measuring Magnifier by Bausch & Lomb is the most useful when size matters.