Electric Ring Cutter Design Considerations

The stainless steel finger guard on the ring cutter is an integral  part of the cutting assembly, making it easy to control.  It protects the patient's finger as a natural part of cutting the ring.


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High speed steel blades, like those that are standard with our electric ring cutter,  offer distinct advantages.    They have saw teeth, and not abrasives, and so, they do not throw off abrasive particulates that can be inhaled.

The blades cut the shank of the ring in a way that can be readily repaired by a jeweler if the ring is made of gold or silver.

The drive shaft of the ring cutter is made of thick tool steel.  Not only does it never break, it also conducts heat away from the ring and the blade, keeping the patient's finger cool and comfortable.

Item No. Description Price
Ring Cutter
Cordless Electric Ring Cutter
Includes Ring Cutting Pliers, Ring Saw Blade, and Black & Decker Alkaline Power Driver
2 Replacement Blades $44.95
Ring Cutter S Guide
Replacement S-Guide $24.94
VPG-PR-105 Practice Finger Rings (5-pack) $6.00