Optivisor Magnifiers

OptivisorAdd-on magnifier for Optivisor

Clear crisp magnification in complete comfort. Prismatic glass lenses keep your eyes focussed without fatigue.

Lenses can be changed easily for different magnifications or working distances.

Optivisor Light Lenses Sets Replacement Parts

Finger Ring Removal Devices

Electric Ring Cutter with Batteries Tungsten Ring Cracker

Electric ring cutter used by hospitals, medical clinics and fire departments to remove finger rings in an emergency.

Cordless battery powered ring cutter zips through most finger rings in hospital emergency rooms in less than 10 seconds.

Electric Ring Cutter Replacement Blades Tungsten Ring Cracker Ring Spreading Pliers

Diamond and Gold Testers

Diamond Pro Multi-Tester

A diamond multi-tester distinguishes diamonds from all other minerals including moissanite. Electronic gold testers offer important advantages over the acid method of testing the karatage of gold.

Diamond Testers Gold Testers

Loupes and Magnifiers

Eyeglass Loupe Clip-on Magnifier Watchmakers loupes Triplet Loupe Magnifier Lighted Magnifier wireless digital microscope

Hand Held. Illuminated. Color Corrected. Watchmaker's Loupes. Measuring Magnifiers

Triplet Magnifiers Magnifiers for Glasses Lighted Magnifiers Watchmaker's Loupes Microscope